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Robert Ballard - Deep-Sea Exploration

The Eternal Darkness : A Personal History of Deep-Sea Exploration by Robert D. Ballard, Will Hively (Contributor) (Hardcover - March 2000)
As a young man, at a time when most of his peers were turning their eyes to deep space, Robert Ballard came under the spell both of scientific inquiry and of the ocean. After taking a doctorate in marine geology and geophysics, he spent three decades at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, through which he participated in more than a hundred deep-sea expeditions. Writing from the point of view of "a privileged witness to a fascinating burst of exploration," Ballard recounts many of those explorations, including the first up-close studies of the great mid-ocean ridge of volcanic mountains that circles the globe, full of seafloor vents and "black smokers." Along the way Ballard provides a brief history of modern oceanography, looking at the contributions of such scientists as Charles William Beebe and Otis Barton, whose legendary dives in the early 1930s paved the way for much subsequent research. Ballard's narrative takes on particular vigor when he describes, in fascinating detail, his team's search for the wreckage of the Titanic--a search that relied on intelligent guesswork as much as on hard evidence. The methods he and his colleagues used--employing, among other things, sophisticated remote-control craft--to find the unfortunate vessel ushered in a new era of deep-ocean research, a contribution in which Ballard takes justified pride. --Gregory McNameet

Return to Midway : The Quest to Find the Yorktown and the Other Lost Ships from the Pivotal Battle of the Pacific War by Robert D. Ballard, Rick Archbold (Hardcover - October 1999)
It has been called "the greatest naval battle since Trafalgar." On June 4, 1942, near a tiny island 1,500 miles from Hawaii, the course of the Pacific War changed dramatically. Before the battle of Midway the forces of Imperial Japan seemed unstoppable. After Midway the Japanese would never again take the offensive.

Fifty-six years later, famed underwater explorer Robert Ballard embarked on a search for the lost ships that had sunk in that historic battle. Accompanying him were a group of.

Coastal Images of America
by Ray Ellis(Illustrator), Robert D. Ballard

With masterly paintings by Ray Ellis and an authoritative text by Robert Ballard, this captivating book portrays the beauty, majesty, and diversity of America's Atlantic and Pacific coastlines.

With masterly paintings by Ray Ellis, representing more than two decades of work, and an authoritative text by Robert Ballard, an intrepid undersea explorer and scientist, this captivating book portrays the beauty, majesty, and diversity of America's Atlantic and Pacific coastlines.

Ray Ellis depicts the full sweep of the coasts in his highly praised, impressionistic style, from the Maine shoreline to the Florida Keys and from the Northwest's inland waters to Baja, California. This unsurpassed collection of oils and watercolors includes views of New England's rocky shores and sandy beaches, Chesapeake Bay oystermen caught in a squall, South Carolina's haunting Low Country, the rugged Oregon coast where Lewis and Clark first sighted the Pacific Ocean, the spirit of sailing across San Francisco Bay, and the expanse and loveliness of Big Sur. His paintings are as varied as the water's edge itself, encompassing landscapes and seascapes, as well as lighthouses, marine creatures, sailors, and beachcombers. In Walter Cronkite's words, Ellis "has the ability to see beauty in almost anything."

Robert Ballard's knowledgeable text, complementing Ray Ellis's paintings and captions, is a fascinating kaleidoscope of coastal history and natural history and provides an account of how the shoreline was formed and its condition today as well as stories of early settlers and present-day residents. The author is a foremost authority on the sea, having organized and conducted more than one hundred deep-sea expeditions, including those that located the Titanic and the Bismarck and more recently Roman ships in the Mediterranean.

This is an ideal gift book for anyone who enjoys living, boating, or vacationing along the seacoasts.

Other Details: 163 full-color illustrations 196 pages 9 7/8 x 9 7/8" Published 1998

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