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All the Backyard Birds : East (American Bird Conservancy Compact Guide) -- Jack L. Griggs, Virginia Croft (Editor); Paperback

American Bird Conservancy (ABC) Compact Guides are specialized bird guides, focused on specific groups of birds. The superb illustrations and organization are derived from the definitive North American bird guide, ABC's All the Birds of North America.

All the Backyard Birds tells you everything you need to know about the birds you'll see in your backyard, in the parks and along the roadside. It features:

Up-to-date information on all the species seen in neighborhoods and parks and on roadsides.Spectacular, full-color illustrations by America's finest bird artists.Tips on attracting birds to your backyard and a checklist for recording your sightings.The perfect guide to keep on the windowsill overlooking your backyard feeder or to take on a trip to the local park or nature center.

 The Backyard Bird-Lover's Guide -- Jan Mahnken, et al; Paperback

Whether undertaken for practical reasons (insect control) or pure enjoyment, attracting birds to one's own backyard is an activity that can involve the whole family. In this personable, informal guide, Mahnken demonstrates both her knowledge and her love for birds as she introduces 135 North American species, discusses nesting cycles, and supplies tips on feeding and encouraging feathered friends to visit on a regular basis. This isn't as definitive, slick, or handy as some of the pocket field guides. But it's loaded with plenty of black-and-white and color pictures (not seen in finished form), which, when coupled with the book's quick facts about nesting, habits, range, size, and more, will be great for new bird spotters. Stephanie Zvirin
Copyright© 1996, American Library Association. All rights reserved

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