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Books for the amateur or professional boat builder tradition wood construction,  metal  or new materials. A good library of boat books will save the builder considerable time and money.  SeaTales  book sales has books on maritime history, schooners, sailing .sea stories,  and tall ships:  

Traditional plank-on-frame and cold-moulded construction methods require complicated lofting and building moulds, to say nothing of expensive tooling and lots of time. Stitch-and-glue construction, on the other hand, can produce the same results with substantial savings in time and money.. . The boats Devlin builds are anything but amateurish; they're works of art

Book Description
Ranging in length from 7 to 40 feet--so pert and purposeful they seem to have been born on the waves--Devlin's boats belie the fact that they are built from sheet plywood using wire stitches and epoxy glue. In other words, anyone can build them, and many have. Devlin developed this guide to building boats--his or any other designer's--from the building instructions he supplies with his plans. It is a mature, shop- and ocean-tested manual, covering everything from sharpening tools to launching the finished boat.


The author, Sam Devlin , January 25, 1999
A bit more history on the author and his subject.
Having been in the business of designing and building wooden boats for the last 21 years, a couple of years ago I sat down and started to write about my particular boatbuilding method and the psychology and philosophy of being a wooden boat builder in todays world. When I first started my original goal was to simply make my living building wooden boats, and truely I didn't know if that would be possible. But some 400 boats later I find that building and designing wooden boats is an intensly fascinating way to make a living. What the boat builder does is to start with a pile of lumber and enough gumption to tackle the project. What they can end up with is a boat that exhibits a spirit and a life that no off the shelf mass-production boat can ever feel. I hope that you will enjoy Devlin's Boatbuilding, and perhaps you too will find the simple joy that I do in the creation of a wooden boat. We also have a webpage with good photo's in it! You can visit the site at

Boatbuilding : A Complete Handbook of Wooden Boat Construction ~ Howard I. Chapelle, Jonathon Wilson (Introduction) / Hardcover / Published 1994
A classic in every sense of the word. Howard I. Chapelle covers nearly every aspect of the design and construction of small, traditional, wooden craft. There is much insight to be gained, and the illustrations and plans included are priceless bits of our marine heritage. Worth a read, even if you don't plan on building a boat yourself.


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hull and deck


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