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Graphic Guide to Frame Construction: Details for Builders and Designers   Teaching through hundreds of meticulous drawings, Rob Thallon's guide covers foundations, roofs, building systems and materials, durability, energy efficiency, and more. Carpentry and Building Construction  informative charts, diagrams, pictures and examples - how to calculate materials and costs, board feet, compares different materials and specifies the applications. It starts from the basics of hand tools and power tools with clear instructions their use, maintenance, and even some repair. You're guided from planning and preparing the building site all the way to completion of construction. Wiring a House I've read a lot of how to books on every type of home renovation but this is the best book I've ever seen on electrical. It's an excellent reference - I've used to do things like wire a 3 way light right the 1st time! an excellent book for both experts and beginners. would like to see a little more about circut breaker wiring the next time it's updated. practical code references are excellent. Home Heating and Air Conditioning System   do-it-yourself should be without this complete guide to home heating and air conditioning systems. Drawing on James Kittle's expertise, even novices will be equipped to install, troubleshoot, repair, replace, and maintain their systems safely. Kittle covers every aspect of home wiring, piping for gas and oil furnaces, and connecting air conditioning lines. Illustrated, step-by-step instructions are provided for all equipment the homeowner is likely to encounter in the installation Bungalows: Design Ideas for Renovating, Remodeling, and Building New   With this first in the series Updating Classic America, Taunton focuses on bungalow houses, which were built throughout Canada and the U.S. between 1900 and 1930. Authors Connolly and Wasserman (both architects and bungalow owners) offer suggestions on how to modify the cozy bungalow. With more than 200 photos, the authors illustrate how to add onto the house, open it up, raise the roof, and do more inside and out while keeping the integrity of the original design. Featuring more than 20 houses around the country, the book explains how the bungalow-now becoming popular after having been overlooked for decades-is a solid, practical investment for many buyers, especially first-timers, who enjoy historic neighborhoods and houses that included built-ins and period detail. Photos, drawings and floor plans all show the many ways homeowners can bring out the best in their houses. Future books in the series include Capes, Colonials, and Ranches   New Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual Here is the book that will set a new standard for do-it-yourself in the 1990s--replacing the classic bestseller that started America's Do-It-Yourself revolution two decades ago. New tools, materials, techniques, standards, and energy-saving tips have necessitated this completely redone reference. 4,000 illustrations, 3,000 in full color.
Christopher Lowell's Seven Layers of Design: Fearless, Fabulous Decorating  Decorating Man, Christopher Lowell has hit a home-run with his new book, "7 Layers of Design: Fearless, Fabulous Decorating." This "how-to" decorating book is full of wonderful photography (before, during and after a project) and great ideas for any room in a house. He covers all the basis with style, spark and creativity. I found his style to be very modern (but, not too modern. I.E. silver, and black lacquer) hip and full of spaces that everyone would LOVE. His work is simple but, still very impressive. I really think that the "average" person could re-create many of the elements that Lowell introduces. I found myself really drawn to his color choices, design elements, and creative touch. It's a great book for someone looking to add a lot of spark and polish to a room. Great resource! The New Cottage Home The New Cottage Home represents a return to a previous school of thought about living space: that it should be no larger than is needed, conservative of resources, rich in detail-- in short, that it should pay homage to honest architecture and fine craftsmanship, not to conspicuous consumption. The 30 cottage homes pictured, all recently built, have the slightly unfair advantage of almost magically beautiful locations, but each has a unique character and many cottage-style nooks and crannies: the converted island pump house with sod roof, the 600-square-foot woodland temple, the salvage-built house on the Kansas prairie, the off-the-grid shingled hilltop house built to take advantage of natural light. Tolpin does an excellent job of pulling together the elements of each that make it a cottage and make it appealing. In his own words, "These houses seem to call as much to the heart as to the head, enriching us more with the highs of nature than with the highs of technology. These are the new American cottages that embody the ancient storybook dream, and the kind of homes that many of us have always dreamed of living in." Ideas for Great Patios and Decks  Ever-popular outdoor building projects are the focus of this guide, along with a detailed planning primer, an idea-generated photo gallery, a shopper's guide to materials, deck and patio profiles, brick-laying patterns, and ideas for garden pools and fountains Sheds & Garages Essential Hand Tools: 26 Tools to Renovate and Repair Your Home  The function of power tools is to enhance the speed and force of those tasks originally performed by hand tools, but as useful as power tools are, there are still many tasks which simply cannot be done with a power tool. Mastering basic hand tool use is crucial to any renovation or repair around the house, and this book lays out the basic collection of important hand tools needed by any do-it-yourselfer, explains their purpose and proper use, and will give any beginner the practical information necessary to get started. It is generously illustrated with color photographs of new and historic tools
The Complete Guide to Home Plumbing (Black & Decker Home Improvement Library)  This complete volume shows beginning, amateur and advanced to-it-yourselfers everything they need to know about home plumbing. It includes complete how-to information on basic skills, major renovation, and the installation of all-new plumbing systems - the only consumer book to cover the subject matter this comprehensively. DIY plumbing offers the best cost-savings of any home improvement project. Homeowners who perform their own plumbing repairs and installation using this book can easily save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on major projects The Home Building Process: Everything You Need to Know to Work With Contractors and Subcontractors   Building a Multi-Use Barn: For Garage, Animals, Workshop, Studio The differences between building a barn as Wagner describes it and building a house aren't all that great. A wise reader will pick up on this, and someone with a yen to build their own abode could easily use the book as a primer. On a more modest note, you could probably substitute garage or storage shed for barn in the title and still have an excellent book. Wagner covers all the basics--laying out the foundation, creating the walls and roof, adding basic electricity and plumbing, and the other exciting stuff you wind up undertaking in such a project. The illustrations are well thought out and executed, and the worksheets (encourage patrons to photocopy these and leave the book intact) that allow you to budget the cost of construction are excellent. If you're intending to build a structure 24 feet by 30 feet and use it for storage, you could, following Wagner's advice, create something that will still be standing 50 years hence. Jon Kartman Building With Structural Insulated Panels (Sips): Strength and Energy Efficiency Through Structural Panel Construction  The Family Handyman Helpful Hints: Quick and Easy Solutions Timesaving Tips Tricks of the Trade  As a home repair columnist and a handyman myself, this book has been in my reference library since it was first published in 1995. Clear, well-organized, well-indexed, filled with useful illustrations and diagrams, this is a great book for anyone interested in learning about how to maintain their home, keep appliances running, and fix many things they might never have imagined they could. You will recoup the cost of this book the first time you don't have to call in a pro for a simple home repair!
200 Small House Plans: Innovative Plans for Sensible Lifestyles: Designs Under 2,500 Square Feet   Power Tools: An Electrifying Celebration and Grounded Guide  Tool junkies are sure to fall in love with this survey of power tools from a former editor of Fine Woodworking magazine. Detailing both portable and stationary power tools, this work covers not their uses but instead their history, design, accessories, recent development, and a prototypical "classic" model using the beautiful color photographs for which Taunton is known. Tool collectors and those considering tool purchases will find this title invaluable. A coffee-table book for craftspersons The Kitchen Planner book. This interactive workbook will stimulate both creative and workable ideas about designing your new kitchen. Framing Roofs: The Best of Fine Homebuilding Written by master carpenters, this collection teaches readers the techniques that professionals use to measure, lay out, design, and build a wide variety of r The Bathroom Idea Book is all about ideas. In fact, anyone who views the book's 400 color photos will have clearer ideas about what they absolutely love, simply appreciate and definitely detest in bathroom design. Andrew Wormer has done an excellent job of covering enough ground to make this book useful for both the do-it-yourselfer and the homeowner who wants to paint a clear picture for an architect or a builder. Just about every bathroom style and option is covered and beautifully photographed, from antique fixtures (pedestal sinks, clawfoot tubs), to modern luxuries (a shower with a bubbling footbath and eight adjustable body and hydromassage jets), to high-tech touches (a cascading waterfall shower digitally controlled by a thermostatic valve and 10 massaging body jets), to the low-frill and durable (installing an acrylic liner over your old, battered tub). The book would be even more useful if Wormer devoted additional space to the costs of the sometimes sensible, sometimes spacious and sometimes glorious bathrooms we see. He does offer a few paragraphs on general price ranges and helps the reader understand what drives up costs (moving fixtures and walls), but this book ultimately is about dreaming, not budgeting. Read it to imagine how your bathroom could look, then worry about the price. This is not to suggest that the book lacks helpful planning tips. Overhead drawings on many pages give you a sense of the rest of the bathroom that can't be captured in a photo. And Wormer offers options for one of the trickier challenges when trying to improve the most frequently remodeled room in the house--finding more space. Among his ideas is annexing space from an adjoining area, such as a closet or hallway. Readers of The Bathroom Idea Book will find that even if their dream bathroom isn't pictured, they will be able to mix-and-match and combine features from various photos to get a good idea of what they can do. --John Russell The Swimming Pool Book: Everything You Need to Know to Design, Build, and Landscape the Perfect Pool   For anyone about to deal with pool builders or designers, this sourcebook will provide practical information. Griffiths discusses budgetary and planning concerns from project beginning to completion, with checklists and advice, all of which provides assistance with site, design, landscape considerations, and selection of pool type (vinyl-lined, concrete, or fiberglass). Maintenance, general pool care, and safety issues are also covered. Stunning color photographs show many breathtaking outdoor pool environments complemented by spas, gazebos, cabanas, and spectacular views, Although less expensive, above-ground pools are discussed, and some simpler, smaller pools shown, the emphasis is on a far grander and imposing swimming pool habitat
All Thumbs Guide to Repairing Major Home Appliances  Explains the basics of how major home appliances work and typical problems that may occur through normal use. Includes step-by-step instructions and detailed, exploded-view drawings. Covers emergencies and both electric and gas appliances. Practical Pole Building Construction: With Plans for Barns, Cabins, & Outbuildings Building with Masonry: Brick, Block & Concrete With this specialty book specifically for those about to embark on a do-it-yourself masonry repair or building project, Kreh, a recognized third-generation master mason, provides all the basics on tools and materials, estimating materials needed for any project, descriptions and diagrams of bond patterns and wall types, fundamentals of laying brick and block, and clear, useful information on masonry repair and restoration for preexisting work. Chimneys, retaining walls, foundations, decorative walks and planters, steps, and all varieties of construction masonry are covered here with excellent diagrams; explanations of terminology, tools, and materials; and photographs that vividly illustrate some of the finer points of masonry work. A Portfolio of Fireplace Ideas Kid's Room: Ideas and Projects for Children's Spaces Kids' Rooms is a mixed bag: it contains some good design and safety tips, and it is one of the most attractive books in print on decorating kids' rooms. But it also contains tips like this: "If you prefer to use blankets on your child's bed, layer them for added warmth, adjusting the number according to the season." So although one might be tempted to regard this book as symptomatic of a slew of irritating trends (parents' urge to control and systematize children's lives, publishers' urge to stretch what could have been a very good magazine article to the breaking point of a costly full-length book), let's instead take a look at what it offers. The Cabin: Inspiration for the Classic American Getaway Proving that less is more, The Cabin takes this idyllic retreat from mind's eye to reality -- with striking photographs and considerable charm. Simple, even primitive at times, the cabin is not just a roof over our heads, but a treasury of feelings, sensations, and memories. Readers who have no cabin memories very likely have cabin dreams. The Cabin looks at an amazing array of design styles and materials -- from sticks and stones to sheet metal and glass.
"Color is light made visible," says Donald Kaufman," and the atmosphere of the air we breathe and the quality of the light passing through it affect how we see color." A wall painted terra cotta in Santa Fe will look very different than a wall painted terra cotta in New York. By understanding the nature of the light and atmosphere in the place where you live, paint palettes for rooms can be selected that will enhance the light and create luminous effects. In these inspiring pages filled with breathtaking rooms, Kaufman and Dahl have visited homes in different regions of the country and explored the particularities of the light and air in each to show how colors were chosen to enhance the available light. Whether it be the veiled light of the South and Northwest, the dry air and harsh light of the desert, the misted light of northern cities, the incandescent light over water, the clear light of the mountains, or the glaring light reflected from snow, each has its own way of interacting with color indoors. The reader also learns that, just as colors change with the region, they vary with the seasons and times of day. Molecules of air, water vapor, ice crystals, nearby buildings, or the tree branches and leaves we see outside our rooms all interact with painted interiors. We come to understand that the colors on our walls need not be fixed but can reflect the subtle changes that happen outdoors. The Complete Book of Woodworking: Detailed Plans for More Than 40 Fabulous Projects  This is a step-by-step guide to essential woodworking skills, techniques, tools and tips. For the beginning woodworker or the most experienced hobbyist, this book is of incredible value to all. This book takes the reader from the principles of basic design to essential woodworking techniques to a gallery of 40 complete project plans. More than 1200 full-color photos are included in this book with tips for shop set-up and safety, how to use tools, make jigs and joints, applying finishes and wood Architectural Lighting The Complete Guide To Kitchen Design With Cooking In Mind is the first complete guide to kitchen design from the perspective of cooking. As the only book of the non-specialist, ordinary homeowner who wants a kitchen that is beautiful and that cooks beautifully, it takes the most complex room in the home and addresses its function as well as its form. The Complete Guide To Kitchen Design With Cooking In Mind surveys balancing a construction budget; how bad design can limit your cooking pleasure; the "kitchen triangle" (what it is and why it doesn't work); appliances; counter space; storage; the "second sink" (how it can double your cooking capacity); posts, pans and knives; identifying all your needs through a "kitchen questionnaire"; and how to increase the fun and joy of the cooking experience through a properly designed kitchen Shows you how to turn a dreary basement into a bright and beautiful living space. This guide does not only show you how to finish walls, ceilings, and floors, but it also gives valuable information about common obstacles you may face, such as eliminating moisture problems, running new wiring, and relocating existing plumbing supply lines. Each book in the Quick Guide Series has more than 190 two-color illustrations with easy-to-follow instructions. The Kitchen Planner book. This interactive workbook will stimulate both creative and workable ideas about designing your new kitchen.
Home Improvement: The Series Finale
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