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Charles Burton Barber - Off to School, 1883 dog picture
Off to School, 1883
Charles Burton Barber
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Cat Breeds of the World: A Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia From neolithic farm cats to ancient Egypt's feline deities to modern house pets, and from the first cat show in 1598 (with prizes for the best ratter and the best mouser) to the high-tone competitive exhibitions that began in the Victorian era, the domestication of the African wild cat has produced a superb, intriguing spectrum of creatures. With the wit, style, and erudition that made international bestsellers of his Catwatching and Catlore, Desmond Morris here details all 100 breeds: both the long-established and the exotic newcomers, from tough European shorthairs to delicate, slender, hot-country Orientals. Cat Breeds of the World brims with authoritative and entertaining information on each breed's history, myths, and legends (who knew there were nine possible explanations of the Persian Cat's origins?); its appearance, special features, and personality; and lists of color forms and breed clubs. Supplementary chapters cover experimental--often controversial--breeds, coat colors and patterns, feline anatomy, terminology, and cat societies. Illustrated with full-color photographs by leading cat photographers, this is the definitive reference for cat professionals and owners of pedigree felines, and a magnificent gift for every last cat addict It's important to choose our friends wisely, and relationships with man's best friend require a special kind of wisdom. Renowned veterinarian Bruce Fogle (Natural Dog Care) has compiled over 400 pages of helpful advice concerning canine companions, and those looking to learn more about their favorite breeds need look no further. The New Encyclopedia of the Dog's six chapters are filled with gorgeous photos illustrating dogs of all ages from every breed imaginable. While the majority of the book is devoted to explanations of specific breeds, five short chapters provide information on evolution, domestication, health and anatomy, communication, and the roles dogs have played in recent human history. With historical photographs of tapestries, ceramics, and movie posters, as well as intricate diagrams of canine anatomy and charts outlining proper health care, these chapters provide great material for middle-school research papers or science-fair projects. In this superb expanded and updated volume, equestrian expert Elwyn Hartley Edwards traces the evolution of the horse, covering every major breed of horse and pony as well as the contribution the horse has made to civilization -- in the wild, at work, at war, and in sport and recreation. Chronicling the history of the horse, The New Encyclopedia of the Horse encompasses the early domestication of the horse. This expanded edition features new information on Western riding as well as classical riding styles, and current international sporting events. There are also completely new chapters on horse management, training, and equipment. Visual Breed Guide: There are more than 150 of the world's major breeds of horse and pony photographed in specially commissioned full-figure portraits as well as hundreds of action shots. The origin, history, and uses of each breed are explained, and each breed is brought to life by historical anecdotes and fascinating, little-known facts. Outstanding specimens of familiar as well as obscure breeds are featured, including Dutch Warmbloods and Camargues, Icelandic and Timor Ponies, Morgans and Shetlands, Andalucian and Lusitano, and the Cutting Horse. Brand New Chapters: The new sections on horse management, training, and equipment explain the basics of the proper care of the horse. Information is also included on farriers, feeding, grooming, horse behavior, training techniques, and which equipment to use, including saddles, bridles, and bits. Truly encyclopedic in scope, this is the essential reference for every horse lover. In A Field Guide to Cows, John Pukite provides all the facts--so even the novice can identify and get to know America's fifty-two breeds of cattle. Every entry in this entertaining yet completely usable book features an illustration that highlights each breed's most easily identifiable traits, such as coloration pattern and body shape. The book includes a checklist of breeds so the die-hard cow watcher can keep track of sightings, a list of essential garb and gear for cow watching, a glossary of terms, a listing of breeder associations, and more. Fascinating cow trivia is interspersed throughout. Informative, amazing, and amusing, A Field Guide to Cows is the indispensable companion for would-be cow tippers, farmers, city folk, agriculturalists, interstate drivers, 4-H'ers, vacationing families, and everyone who likes to moo at cows. ECG for the Small Animal Practitioner is the first title of the Made Easy Series. The Authors goal is to provide readers with fundamental information and interpretation techniques that will help them differentiate between normal, abnormal and life-threatening Electrocardiographic (ECG) arrhythmias in the dog and cat. Useful for the entire practice, with concise, illustrated presentations of core procedures, techniques and treatments. The "lay flat" binding makes the book an essential reference tool allowing comparison, confirmation and instant clarification of diagnosis. The book shows actual ECG examples for both cats and dogs. For accurate interpretation of the ECG's there is a custom ECG ruler included with the book. It also includes treatment recommendations and an anti-arrhythmic drug formulary table with the most commonly used therapies-all in one resource.
The Rabbit Handbook (Barron's Pet Handbooks) To thrive, rabbits need to be properly housed and fed, and protected from diseases and parasites. Here is detailed advice on keeping and breeding healthy, contented rabbits. Titles in Barron's popular Pet Handbooks series instruct pet owners on health care, proper feeding and housing, and other facts important to owners and their pets. All books in this series have high quality, full-color photos, instructive line drawings, and run to an average of approximately 140 pa True wilderness shots that capture grizzlies at their most fearsome, as well as their most gentle moments, are the hallmark of Kennan Ward's award-winning photography, and "Grizzlies in the Wild" is a showcase for this incredible work. The text is Ward's own, rich with personal experience and insight, as well as natural history, legend and lore about the bear. It reveals much about his deep respect and abiding admiration for the grizzly bear - one of the most feared, yet loved mammals in North America. The Conscientious Marine Aquarist: A Commonsense Handbook for Successful Saltwater Hobbyists Cats of Africa The Sibley Guide to Birds More than 10 years in the making, David Sibley's Guide to Birds is a monumental achievement. The beautiful watercolor illustrations (6,600, covering 810 species in North America) and clear, descriptive text place Sibley and his work squarely in the tradition of John James Audubon and Roger Tory Peterson; more than a birdwatcher and evangelizer, he is one of the foremost bird painters and authorities in the U.S. Still, his field guide will no doubt spark debate. Unlike Kenn Kaufman's Focus Guide, Sibley's is unapologetically aimed at the converted. Beginning birders may want to keep a copy of Sibley at home as a reference, but the wealth of information will have the same effect on novices as trying to pick out a single sandpiper in a wheeling flock of thousands. The familiar yellow warbler, for instance, gets no less than nine individual illustrations documenting its geographic, seasonal, and sex variations--plus another eight smaller illustrations showing it in flight. Of course, more experienced birders will appreciate this sort of detail, along with Sibley's improvements on both Peterson and the National Geographic guide
When Elephants Weep: The Emotional Lives of Animals Training Mules and Donkeys : A Logical Approach to Longears  Meredith Hodges is a well-known trainer and writer on donkey and mule behavior. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and raised in California, Meredith has been associated with mules and donkeys for 25 years and has been associated with horses all her life. In 1979 she started the Lucky Three Mule Ranch in Loveland, Colorado and has since studied Animal Sciences at Colorado State University. She is an animal inspector, representative and judge for the American Donkey and Mule Society, and ha Dynamic Aquaria: Building Living Ecosystems Buffalo Nation: History and Legend of the North American Bison This remarkable examination of the history and cultural impact of an animal species nearly lost for good uses a wide variety of sources in tracing the buffalo from the Ice Age to the present. Geist describes the historic adaptations that occurred in various classes of buffalo, the biology of the North American bison, the impact of human hunters, and the close relationship that developed between bison and Native American tribes. The slaughter of the great herds that began in the mid^-nineteenth century is truly horrifying today, and many people at the time were also sickened by it. Geist convincingly shows that this near extinction was the result of government efforts to deprive Native American tribes of food, forcing them onto reservations and opening the West to settlers. Sprinkled throughout are buffalo myths and stories. A fine history made even better by the array of drawings and stunning full-color photos. Brian McCombie --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. Snake: The Essential Visual Guide to the World of Snakes
Deer The whitetail deer in winter is followed by an author who has spent over 30 years as a wildlife researcher studying whitetails in the wild. Whitetail Winter covers the whitetail in winter, from shelter requirements and behavioral adjustments to predators and their effects on whitetail populations. The Great Gallery of Ducks and Other Waterfowl
Tropical Birds
Tropical Birds
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Paul Brent - Regal Angel Fish
Regal Angel Fish
Paul Brent
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Paul Brent - Wood Ducks
Wood Ducks
Paul Brent
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John Pezzenti Jr - Polar Bear
Polar Bear
John Pezzenti Jr
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Henriette Ronner - Up to No Good cat picture
Up to No Good
Henriette Ronner
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Felix Schlesinger - Feeding the Rabbits
Feeding the Rabbits
Felix Schlesinger
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Charles Burton Barber - Off to School, 1883 dog picture
Off to School, 1883
Charles Burton Barber
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Black Horse Running
Black Horse Running
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Wilhelm J. Goebel - Cautious Crossing
Cautious Crossing
Wilhelm J. Goebel
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J. P. Houel - Enduring Elephants II
Enduring Elephants II
J. P. Houel
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Michael Coleman - Visitors in Camp
Visitors in Camp
Michael Coleman
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Maria Sibylla Merian - Alligator with Snake
Alligator with Snake
Maria Sibylla Merian
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