Sailing Books by Howard I. Chapelle

The American Fishing Schooners : 1825-1935;

A reader from Beaumont, Texas , July 31, 1998
The ultimate history of the design of the fishing schooners.
Howard Chapelle, the dean of American watercraft historians completed this final work a few years before his death. Not particularly rich in "sea lore", it is nonetheless the standard resource regarding this American arche-type of design. Enhanced with numerous photographs, lines drawings and sketches of rigging and deck gear, it is a valuable resource. It is a complement to other volumes of Chappelle's work.

Boatbuilding : A Complete Handbook of Wooden Boat Construction
by Howard I. Chapelle, Jonathon Wilson (Introduction)

Booknews, Inc. , March 1, 1995
Reprint of the Chapelle (Search for Speed Under Sail) original published by Norton in 1941. Now printed on acid-free paper and with a new foreword by Jonathan Wilson. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

American Small Sailing Craft
by Howard I. Chapelle
cover List Price: $40.00 Our Price: $28.00 You Save: $12.00 (30%)
Howard Chapelle lived and wrote at a time when the fleets of working small sailing craft rapidly vanished. His life's work was to preserve a lowly, humble part of American maritime heritage, and his efforts are without peer.In American Small Sailing Craft, Chapelle shows us a number of the plain work-a-day craft of the watermen of old. Although people of those times took little notice of such common, plain, ordinary vessels, we modern readers are left to marvel at their seaworthiness, sturdiness, simplicity--in short, their consummate practicality.Any maritime heritage enthusiast will love this classic book.

Yacht Designing and Planning : For Yachtsmen, Students, and Amateurs ~

by Howard I. Chapelle
cover List Price: $35.00 Our Price: $24.50 You Save: $10.50 (30%)

The publisher, ( , April 16, 1997
This most favored book on the subject, written primarily for the beginner, gives directions for the use of tools and suggestions for handling the many problems involved in yacht designing, and describes in detail the lines of a yacht as it is done in actual practice.

The History of the American Sailing Navy -- Howard Chapelle; Hardcover

Book Description
Howard Chapelle was one of America's most distinguished naval historians. His crowning achievement, The History of the American Sailing Navy, has long been out-of-print, but its treatment of the subject remains unparallelled. Accompanying the authoritative text are detailed plans of over 50 sailing vessels as well reproductions of contemporary paintings and drawings. Lincoln Colcord said: "Chapelle, in my opinion, has the soundest ideas on the history of naval architecture and the development of American ship types of any man writing on the subject...HIs work will be of permanent historical value.

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