The Hunley - Civil War Submarine

Civil War At Sea

Lincoln's Navy : The Ships, Men and Organization, 1861-65

by Donald L. Canney, Don L. Canney

Naval historian Donald L. Canney provides a good overview of the U.S. Navy during the Civil War, describing life at sea, weapons, combat, tactics, leaders, and of course, the ships themselves. He reveals the war as a critical turning point in naval technology, with ironclads (such as the Monitor) demonstrating their superiority to wooden craft and seaborne guns (such as those developed by John Dahlgren) making important advances. The real reason to own this oversize book, however, is for the images: more than 200 of them, including dozens of contemporary photographs of the vessels that fought to preserve the Union. There are maps and portraits, too; this fine collection of pictures brings a vividness to its subject that can't be found elsewhere. --John J. Miller


A History of the Confederate Navy

by Raimondo Luraghi, Paolo E. Coletta(Translator)

A History of the Confederate Navy is probably the only important book on the U.S. Civil War that was first written in Italian and then translated into English. Nonetheless, historian Raimondo Luraghi offers the fullest account to date of the South's naval activity. He challenges the popular notion that the Confederate navy was a failure because it did not break the North's blockade. Busting the blockade was not its main goal, Luraghi argues. Instead, the Confederate navy primarily wanted to prevent an amphibious invasion of the South--a mission in which it mostly succeeded. This particular interpretation is disputable, but the facts and figures of Luraghi's history are not. He shows how an agrarian people built a navy that managed to continue fighting several months after Lee's surrender at Appomattox, and on the whole made a good showing on the seas against an industrial superpower.

Duel Between the First Ironclads

Presents the history of the building of the Monitor, combining the very latest in naval invention and technology, and the Virginia, formerly the Merrimack, which showed what ingenuity could do to correct for poor resources. Months of feverish activity of North and South culminated in a few hours of intense combat in March 1862. The author affords a step inside the turret in an account spiced with human-interest stories of men fighting a new kind of war. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

The CSS Hunley: The Greatest Undersea Adventure of the Civil War
by Richard Bak. Hardcover (June 1999)

The story of the CSS Hunley's successful attack on the Union Sloop-of-War, the Husatonic is both riveting military and political history. There is enough detail for you die hard sub fans, the way the comparatively primitive technology wrestled with the problems of manned undersea operations of a warship. Students of history will love the gripping and tragic descriptions of the struggle of the besieged,blockaded, and bombarded southern cities endured, making the confedaracy desparate to enough to go ahead with a daring technological leap even though the first two crews died in the testing phase of this remarkable vessel. Highly recomended.Reviewer: Jeff from Colorado, USA
Confederate NavyThe Confederate Navy : The Ships, Men and Organization, 1861-65

by William N. Still (Editor)

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