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cover Christopher Columbus
by Stephen Krensky, Norman Green (Illustrator)

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cover Around the World in a Hundred Years : From Henry the Navigator to Magellan ~
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Examines the great wave of European exploration during the fifteenth century which resulted in more accurate maps.

cover Green Was the Earth on the Seventh Day;
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A very young Thor Heyerdahl sets out with his new wife for paradise--a natural and unspoiled world that they find, to a degree, in the South Pacific. It was the first of many journeys that would lead to expeditions and explorations, to a vocation, to the testing of theories against the currents of oceans and history, to books that would include Kon Tiki and The Ra Expeditions. This warm, spirited, amusing memoir of Heyerdahl's youth is part love story, part adventure story, part documentary, part sermon, all good read.


The Explorer's Handbook : How to Become an Intrepid Voyager ~ Ships in 2-3 days

Marilyn Tolhurst / Hardcover / Published 1998
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Voyages of Discovery : Captain Cook and the Exploration of the Pacific ~
Lynne Withey succeeds in providing a balanced and well-researched account of the famous explorations of Captain James Cook in the South Pacific. She discusses the impact of Cook's journeys on both the 18th century Europeans and the native peoples of the South Pacific. Although it has been popular to cast the "Age of Discovery" as a violent and invasive period for indigenous people, Withey shows that Cook generally had the best intentions when dealing with the inhabitants of these islands,
Admiral of the Ocean Sea : A Life of Christopher Columbus

American Holocaust : Columbus and the Conquest of the New World ~

Atlas of Columbus and the Great Discoveries

The Big Golden Book of Christopher Columbus : And Other Early Adventurers

Atlas of Columbus and the Great Discoveries

The Big Golden Book of Christopher Columbus : And Other Early Adventurers

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The Apotheosis of Captain Cook : European Mythmaking in the Pacific ~

Captain Cook (Explorers) ~

Captain Cook's Endeavour (Anatomy of the Ship) ~

Captain James Cook

Captain James Cook : And the Explorers of the Pacific (World Explorers)

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