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Bass Fishing The Tarpon Book : A Complete Angler's Guide Pike : An In-Fisherman Handbook of Strategies Billfishing: The Quest for Marlin, Swordfish, Spearfish & Sailfish Big Bass fishing Secrets
Gone Fishin : The 100 Best Spots in New York Sport Fish of Florida Working on the Edge : Surviving in the World's Most Dangerous Profession : King Crab Fishing on Alaska's High Seas Sport Fish of the Gulf of Mexico The Complete Book of Fly Tying
Alaska Fishery. "Highliners" is the commercial fishermen's term for their own elite, the skippers and crews who bring in the biggest hauls. Set in Kodiak, Highliners brings into sharp relief the lives of the men and women who make their living catching salmon, king crab, halibut, and shrimp off the coast of Alaska. Adventures of a Deep Sea Angler Giant Bluefin  Fly-Fishing the Saltwater Shoreline  Hemingway on Fishing
Barry Fisher went offshore dory-fishing for real when he was eighteen, and "A Doryman's Day," he says now, is "as accurate as my old mind can make it." He describes fishing longline trawl gear from Grand Banks dories launched off the deck of a schooner in wonderful detail and paints a vivid picture of a working day in a fishery straight out of history   A Field Guide to Atlantic Coast Fishes : North America (Peterson Field Guides)         Fly fishing for pike and their cousins the muskie, the pickerel, and the tiger muskie is one of the sport's great challenges, yet one few have taken up Good Luck and Tight Lines! : A Sure-Fire Guide to Florida's Inshore Fishing Their Fathers' Work: Casting Nets with the World's Fishermen

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