coverLakeland Boating Ports O' Call Lake Michigan Vol 1 ~
Marge Beaver, et al / Spiral-bound / Published 1995

Lakeland Boating magazine, your guide to the Great Lakes, has compiled the definitive cruising resource for Great Lakes boaters. With full-color aerials and charts for every harbor on the lake, these guides are an indispensible fount of information. You'll be privy to the latest word on marinas, restaurants, attractions, activities and important boater amenities in each port--all presented in an attractive, well-organized design. You'll also get a feel for the personality of each harbor, making it easier to plan your next destination. Nobody knows the Great Lakes like Lakeland Boating ... and there is no one better to help you plan your next Great Lakes cruise.

Lake Michigan Shipwrecks : South Haven to Grand Haven ~ Kit Lane / Paperback / Published 1997
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Shoal beaches, unpredictable river channels and a scarcity of harbors make the southeast coast of Lake Michigan its own sort of challenge to Great Lakes sailors. From its first recorded history to the prsent day more than 200 boats have wrecked in the 46 miles of shore between South Haven and Grand Haven in Michigan. Some have been rescued to sail again, others have found a permanent home on the sandy beaches or in the off shore waters. Most of their stories are told as they were recorded in newspapers of the day, on life saving sttion reports, or later written down by the participants themselves, retaining the excitement and often tragedy, of the event as it unfolded.

Great Lakes LighthousesBonfires & Beacons : Great Lakes Lighthouses ~ Usually ships in 24 hours

Larry Wright, Patricia Wright / Hardcover / Published 1997
This is a beautiful choice for lovers of the seashore, worth picking up for the photos alone. Featuring 43 of the 350 lighthouses on the Great Lakes, it includes interesting stories of wrecks and rescues, lights and lighthouse keepers--some of whom had to climb to the top of a 98-foot tower every six hours to fuel the light with kerosene.

Paddle-To-The-Sea Paddle-To-The-Sea (Sandpiper Books)
A young Indian boy carves a little canoe with a figure inside and names him Paddle-to-the-Sea. Paddle's journey, in text and pictures, through the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean provides an excellent geographic and historical picture of the region. "Geography of the best kind made vivid by the power of imagination." -- Horn Book

A young Indian boy carves a canoe and travels through the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean. The text and pictures provide an excellent geographical and historical picture of the region. Caldecott Honor Book.

Fitzgerald's Storm : The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

A reviewer, June 17, 1999
an in depth look at a still controversial tragedy
MacInnis gets right to the story,from the construction of this magnificent ship to its unlikely demise.An in depth look at the men and their families,and how this trgedy affected them and those around them.A Haunting tale of..

End of an Era : The Last of the Great Lakes Steamboats ~ David Plowden

Reviewer: John M Biolchini ) from United States
David Plowden has spent many hours sailing aboard older Great Lakes Steamships. His goal was to capture the essence and emotion of this unique type of steam vessel. The days of the the reciprocating steam engine aboard commercial frieght ships has come and gone just like the old venerable steam locomotives. The beautiful black and white photographs, coupled with an insightful narrative, gives the reader the most realistic vision of an era which will never again be experienced in human history. When David set out to do this project, he sensed the urgency of his mission. Today, most all of these vessels have been retired or scrapped and will never again feel the the seas, or the warmth and love of thier the crews. I have personally observed David as he stolled about our decks with great love and devotion for these ships. This book is a culmination of that love. This artists goal, to capture these vessels as they lived and breathed, has been majestically fulfilled. It is a must for anyone with interest into the daily workings of steamships, steam engines, and the people who lived among them. This book truly captures an "End of an Era".

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