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Ultimate Motorcycle Book by Hugo Wilson, Dave King(Photographer)
Lookin' for adventure in whatever comes your way? Wilson's book is colorful, it's loaded with photos of over 200 bikes, it's informative, and, most importantly, it's a blast. Along with historical tidbits about the earliest cycles during the 1890s and the use of bikes during both world wars, Wilson provides sections devoted to racing, touring, motocross, and customizing. U.S. bikes, headed by the estimable Harley-Davidson, are featured first, but classic British models such as Triumph and Vincent are spotlighted alongside Italian, French, and Scandinavian bikes, German military models, bikes from companies such as BMW and Hunch, and, of course, the Japanese giants: Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha. Full-color photographs virtually leap off the page, and their captions point out pertinent facts (a snapshot of a vivid red 1988 Electra Glide is highlighted by the bike's disc brakes and its separate gearbox). To top it all off, neophyte gearheads will swoon over the intricate graphics provided in a section that explains just how a motorcycle operates. For veteran bike enthusiasts as well as folks who've just recently discovered that they're "born to be wild." Joe Collins
Accessories for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

As long as The Harley-Davidson Motor Company has existed, Harley owners have had a tradition of personalizing and customizing their bikes. The purchase of the motorcycle is just the first step in an exciting journey of choosing parts and accessories that reflect the owner's personality, tastes, and riding style.

Accessories for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles guides you through this journey to personalize your bike and really make it yours. It provide the answers to questions about how these custom accessories are made, how to know if a part is high-quality, and how best to start accessorizing your Harley.

From custom painting to seat selection, mild engine hop-ups to wheels and brakes, Accessories for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles takes you through the steps of shopping for, choosing, and installing accessories, demystifying the process along the way. It's a road map to successfully making your Harley a standout in any crowd.

Chilton's Motorcycle Handbook

The author, Kevin Maher, , January 23, 1999
Author's review of work
Over a decade ago, when I finally rid myself of the images and brainwashing that my mother had placed so well in my subconscious, I purchased my first motorcycle. That $300 Suzuki changed my life (it cost me a few hundred more in repairs over the next 10,000 miles), but it opened a new world to me. Back in 1996 when my wife and I ran cross country on old Rte 66 with the HOG club, we accomplished something that few people attempt these days... we traveled from one coast to another, outside... smelling every smell... feeling the cold, the heat, the wind ... really seeing and experiencing this great country. Being a "hands-on" type, and living/working at Chilton, it was a forgone conclusion that I would someday write a book telling the hows and whys to motorcycle care and maintenance. Luckily, I work with another motorcyclist who knew any of the whys of which I was still unsure. Ben and I have grown-up together in the world of motorcycles and, though he is not quite as obsessed as I, he is still an avid enthusiast. Our book tells the details of how and why you should service and maintain your bike. It gives hints on how to purchase a bike, or how to accessorize it once you've made the purchase. It talks you through the basics of troubleshooting, detailing and even winterizing..... essentially we tell you everything a motorcyclist needs to know, or how to find it. It doesn't matter whether you're a first time rider or a road weary soul ... you'll find something useful inside the cover ... and I hope that whatever you find will help you discover something outside your own box. Life is no fun inside a cage (real or in your own mind). It's a big country .... someone's got to ride it. Ride Safe(ly) KEv

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