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Naval Admirals

Famous American Admirals

When first published in 1978, this book was immediately recognized as a useful and interesting source of information on U.S. naval and maritime flag officers. That reputation remains today, although copies have become hard to find in recent years, even in secondhand bookstores. Now with the publication of this reprint, a new generation of readers drawn to naval history can enjoy the 215 biographies presented. All of the top fleet and task force commanders, naval strategists, fighters, reformers, inventors, and legendary heroes in American naval history are covered, from the revolutionary John Paul Jones (who made flag rank only in the Russian navy) to the dynamic though controversial Hyman G. Rickover.

Along with photographs or portraits, every entry highlights the dynamic careers of leaders selected from the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, Maritime Service, Confederate States Navy, and even the Republic of Texas Navy. Each biographical sketch gives the complete service record, including ship and shore billets, as well as personal and academic background, battles fought, and the feats that made the subject famous. With all these details, the book adds up to a remarkably thorough biographical profile of American naval and maritime history. Accompanying the text is an appendix listing all major U.S. and Confederate naval commands and commanders since 1775 and an index of ship names, officers, battles, and campaigns.

Admiral Dan Gallery : The Life and Wit of a Navy Original

by C. Herbert Gilliland, et al (Hardcover - October 1999)

From Booklist October 1, 1999
Almost as entertaining as its subject, this is the story of a true twentieth-century navy original, Rear Admiral Daniel V. Gallery. Mixing conventional biographical narrative with excerpts from Gallery's abundant writings, fictional and nonfictional, the book makes it abundantly clear that, although capturing the German U-505 in 1944 and lobbying to have it preserved in Chicago in 1954 were the admiral's finest achievements, they weren't the only ones. Gallery was an Olympic wrestler; an early naval aviator; a charismatic and effective commander of units of many sizes, including a carrier task group; a gifted writer, especially of humor; and a stormy petrel on behalf of his beloved navy and, particularly, its carriers--and the foreword by novelist Herman Wouk, Gallery's friend, cites a few additional dimensions. A welcome portrait of a man who added much to the effectiveness of the U.S. Navy and to the amount of fun in the cosmos. Roland Green

The Great Admirals : Command at Sea, 1587-1945

by Jack Sweetman(Editor) (Hardcover - October 1997)

Mr. Sweetman has done a fine job with this interesting and readable collection. From Drake to Farragut to Togo to Halsey, this book will draw you in to examine the great generals of the past, detailing the decisive battles they commanded. The essays by the editor also supply a wealth of information about the history and tactics of naval warfare. A fine tome.

Reviewer: Scott_Jones@gtech.com from Rhode Island, USA      February 20, 1998


  1. The Admiral : The Memoirs of Albert Gleaves, Admiral, Usn
  2. Admiral David Dixon Porter : The Civil War Years
  3. Admiral David Glasgow Farragut : The Civil War Years
  4. Admiral John H. Towers : The Struggle for Naval Air Supremacy
  5. Admirals of the New Steel Navy : Makers of the American Naval Tradition, 1880-1930
  6. Alfred Von Tirpitz and German Right-Wing Politics, 1914-1930 (Studies in Central European Histories)
  7. Andrew Foote : Civil War Admiral on Western Waters (Library of Naval Biography)
  8. Autobiography of George Dewey, Admiral of the Navy
  9. Black Brass : Black Generals and Admirals in the Armed Forces of the United States
  10. Brave Benbow
  11. Bull Halsey
  12. Confederate Admiral : The Life and Wars of Franklin Buchanan (Library of Naval Biography)
  13. David Glasgow Farragut : Our First Admiral (Discovery Biography)
  14. Devotion to Duty : A Biography of Admiral Clifton A. F. Sprague
  15. Dictionary of Admirals of the U. S. Navy : 1901-1918
  16. Dictionary of Admirals of the U.S. Navy : 1862-1900
  17. Drake & the 16Th-Century Explorers (Great Explorer Series)
  18. Fighting Admirals : British Admirals of the Second World War
  19. John Paul Jones : Father of the U.S. Navy (Revolutionary War Leaders)
  20. John Paul Jones : Hero of the Seas
  21. Kinkaid of the Seventh Fleet : A Biography of Admiral Thomas C. Kinkaid, U.S. Navy
  22. Lincoln's Admiral : The Civil War Campaigns of David Farragut
  23. Magnificent Mitscher
  24. Master of Sea Power : A Biography of Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King (Classics of Naval Literature)
  25. Nimitz
  26. A Quest for Glory : A Biography of Rear Admiral John A. Dahlgren
  27. The Quiet Warrior : A Biography of Admiral Raymond A. Spruance (Classics of Naval Literature)
  28. Raphael Semmes : The Philosophical Mariner
  29. Revolt of the Admirals: The Fight for Naval Aviation, 1945-50
  30. Sea Wolf : The Daring Exploits of Navy Legend John D. Bulkeley
  31. Target Hiroshima : Deak Parsons and the Creation of the Atomic Bomb
  32. A Vietnam Experience : Ten Years of Reflection
  33. The 200 Year Legacy of Stephen Decatur, 1798-1998
  34. Admiral Marc A. Mitscher and U.S. Naval Aviation : Bald Eagle (Studies in American History, Vol 12)
  35. Admiral Satan : The Life and Campaigns of Suffren
  36. Admiral William A. Moffett and U.S. Naval Aviation (Studies in American History, Vol 13)
  37. Admiral William Shepherd Benson : First Chief of Naval Operations
  38. An Admiral's Yarn (U.S. Naval War College Historical Monograph Series, No. 14.)
  39. Admiral William Shepherd Benson : First Chief of Naval Operations
  40. David Farragut and the Great Naval Blockade (History of the Civil War Series)


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