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Battleship Bismarck : A Survivor's Story

by Burkard, Freiherr Von Mullenheim-Rechberg, et al (Hardcover - December 1990)

Battleship Bismarck: A Survivor's Story is a master piece of naval history. I have read this book several times and each time I have come away with more knowledge about Operation Rhine. The book is complete with details of the launch of the Bismarck at the Blohm & Voss Ship yards to its final destruction in the north Atlantic. The author has been very objective in his account of the Bismarck's maiden and final voyage. I also recommend the book "Pursuit" by Ludovick Kennedy which details the British side of this naval hunt.

Jane's Naval History of World War II by Bernard Ireland

Naval Warfare played a decisive role in deciding World War II. In this new study, naval historian Bernard Ireland reveals the critical elements that determined the war at sea. He investigates how German U-boats came perilously close to snapping Britain's Atlantic lifeline, and why the submarines were eventually defeated. By contrast, America submarines inflicted such devastating losses on Japanese merchant shipping that the Japanese war economy collapsed. In Europe and the Pacific, the Allies had to develop new techniques of amphibious warfare if they were to defeat their opponents. Airpower came to dominate the naval war: growing from a useful adjunct to fleet operations, it became a decisive weapon in itself, relegating the great battleships to subordinate roles. Airpower, convoys, amphibious assaults and submarine operations: these were the vital areas of the naval war. Failure in any one element would mean losing the war.

Battleship Musashi : The Making and Sinking of the World's Biggest Battleship by Akira Yoshimura, Vincent Murphy (Translator) (Paperback - November 1999)

History is presented in many forms. I still remember my 6th grade history class test, with a list of dates on the right, and historical events on the left. My task was to draw lines between the two. I succeeded in drawing the lines, but I didn't make the connection. Battleship Musashi transends a "list of dates"; launch, displacement, number of guns (it's all there too). I am presented with the flesh and blood of the ship and it's crew, in a way that I have not experienced before from historical essays. The writer shows me the minds of the people and government involved with the ship, and though I know the final outcome for Musashi, I was rivited to the account. In my opinion, this is a must-read book for those interested in history, Japan, political science, or simply want a good spy story to curl up with!
Reviewer: Eric Scott   from Fort Lauderdale, Florida      November 22, 1999

Destroyers of World War Two : An International Encyclopedia

Fast, compact and formidable, destroyers were in the thick of the action in every theater of operations during the Second World War. They performed a wide range of duties, often of the most hazardous nature. Not only were they assigned to escort the main battle fleets into action, but they were called upon to escort convoys and protect them from attacks by aircraft and submarines.

Illustrated with hundreds of photographs and line drawings, this reprint of the popular 1988 book comprehensively details in one volume all the destroyers built between 1939 and 1945 by the navies of the world. Each class is described under three headings: design, modification, and service. The author, a leading World War II historian, provides a wealth of data on each ship's builder, dimensions, armament, performance, and fate as well as keel-laying, launch, and commissioning dates. Such a detailed record of these highly effective, versatile ships will prove invaluable to warship enthusiasts everywhere.

Jane's Fighting Ships of World War II
by Francis E. McMurtrie(Editor)

Encompassing more than six thousand warships from all the countries involved in World War II, this extensively illustrated reference provides complete statistics, descriptions, and specifications for battleships, aircraft carriers, destroyers, and more.

Battleships of the Scharnhorstclass

The Battleship Fuso
Battleships of the Bismarck Class :
American Battleships :
Battleships ~ VHS
U.S. News Video: The Battleships (1992) ~ VHS
Battleships ~ VHS
Sink the Bismarck VHS

  1. Cruisers of World War Two : An International Encyclopedia by M. J. Whitley
  2. Soviet Combat Aircraft of the Second World War : Single-Engined Fighters by Yefim Gordon, Dmitri Khazanov
  3. Pocket Battleships of the Deutschland Class by Gerhard Koop, et al
  4. The Battleship Fuso : Fuso (Anatomy of the Ship Series) by Janusz Skulski
  5. American Pt Boats in World War II : A Pictorial History by Victor Chun
  6. Pt Boats at War : World War II to Vietnam by Norman Polmar, et al
  7. Pt 105 by Dick Keresey
  8. Devil Boats : The Pt War Against Japan by William B. Breuer
  9. The Sea Hawks : With the Pt Boats at War by Edgar D. Hoagland
  10. Hunters in the Shallows : A History of the Pt Boat by Curtis L. Nelson
  11. They Were Expendable (Bluejacket Books) by William Lindsay White, A. L. White

  1. Allied Submarine Attacks of World War Two : European Theatre of Operations 1939-1945
  2. Anti-Submarine Warfare
  3. Anti-Submarine Warfare (Brassey's Sea Power, Vol 11)
  4. Argonaut : The Submarine Legacy of Simon Lake (West Texas A&m University Series, No. 4)
  5. Atlantis : Myth or Memory? (Fringe Series, V. 4)
  6. Axis Submarine Successes of World War Two : German, Italian, and Japanese Submarine Successes, 1939-1945
  7. Black May
  8. Coral Sea Midway and Submarine Actions : History of the United States Naval Operations in World War Two
  9. Count Not the Dead : The Popular Image of the German Submarine
  10. The Defeat of the German U-Boats : The Battle of the Atlantic (Studies in Maritime History)
  11. Dive to the Deep Ocean : Voyages of Exploration and Discovery (Turnstone Ocean Explorer Book)
  12. German U-Boat Losses During World War II : Details of Destruction
  13. Germany's Last Mission to Japan : The Failed Voyage of U-234
  14. Ghost of War : The Sinking of the Awa Maru and Japanese-American Relations, 1945-1995
  15. Hell Above, Deep Water Below
  16. The Hieronimus & Co. Yellow Submarine Journal
  17. Hitler's U-Boat War : The Hunted 1942-1945 (Volume 2)
  18. Hitler's U-Boat War : The Hunters, 1939-1942 (1st Volume)
  19. Battleship Arizona : An Illustrated History
  20. The Battleship Bismarck (German Navy at War, Vol 3)
  21. The Battleship Fuso : Fuso (Anatomy of the Ship Series)
  22. Battleship Musashi : The Making and Sinking of the World's Biggest Battleship
  23. Battleship Sailor (Blue Jacket Books)
  24. Battleship Texas (Centennial Series of the Association of Former Students, No 45)
  25. The Battleship Tirpitz
  26. Battleships of the Bismarck Class : Bismarck and Tirpitz : Culmination and Finale of German Battleship Construction
  27. Bismarck Chase : New Light on a Famous Engagement
  28. Blue Water Beat : The Two Lives of the Battleship Uss California
  29. Concrete Battleship : Fort Drum, El Fraile Island, Manila Bay
  30. A Glorious Way to Die : The Kamikaze Mission of the Battleship Yamato, April 1945
  31. Requiem for Battleship Yamato (Bluejacket Books)
  32. Sink the Bismarck : Germany's Super-Battleship of World War II (Military Might)
  33. Strike Able-Peter : The Stranding and Salvage of the Uss Missouri
  34. Trapped at Pearl Harbor : Escape from Battleship Oklahoma
  35. U.S. Battleship Operations in World War I
  36. Warrior to Dreadnought : Warship Development, 1860-1905
  37. American Battleship
  38. An American Battleship at Peace and War : The U.S.S. Tennessee (Modern War Studies)
  39. Battleship & Cruiser Aircraft of the United States Navy 1910-1949.
  40. The Battleship 'Tirpitz' (Marine Arsenal)
  41. Battleship : The Loss of the Prince of Wales and the Repulse
  42. Battleship Country : The Battle Fleet at San Pedro-Long Beach, California 1919-1940
  43. Battleship Missouri
  44. Battleship New Jersey : An Illustrated History
  45. Battleship North Carolina
  46. Battleship Oregon : Bulldog of the Navy : An Oregon Documentary
  47. Aircraft Carriers by Roger Chesneau (Hardcover )
  48. Aircraft Carriers of the World, 1914 to the Present : An Illustrated Encyclopedia by Roger Chesneau (Hardcover - May 1984)
    Our Price: $49.95 / Average Customer Review:
  49. U.S. Aircraft Carriers : An Illustrated Design History by Norman Friedman, A. D., III Baker
  50. American & British Aircraft Carrier Development, 1919-1941
  51. Carrier Combat by David W. Wragg by Norman Friedman, et al. Hardcover (November 1999)
  52. Us Carriers at War by Peter Kilduff. Hardcover
  53. Combat Carriers : Flying Action on Carriers at Sea by Tony Holmes, Tomy Holmes. Hardcover
  54. The Fast Carriers : The Forging of an Air Navy by Clark G. Reynolds. Hardcover
  55. Battleship Sailor [UNABRIDGED]

Jane's Naval Warfare Collection Fleet Command Jane's Attack Pack Combat Flight Simulator 2: Pacific Theate

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