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Pirates! : Brigands, Buccaneers, and Privateers in Fact, Fiction, and Legend Pirates! is a virtual encyclopedia covering brigands, buccaneers and privateers in fact, fiction and legend, quite literally from A to Z. In more than a thousand entries (each impeccably researched, internationally focused, and extensively cross-referenced) reveals the actual lives and exploits of pirates and the diverse worlds from which they sprang, from Etruscan and Phoenician marauders off the coast of ancient Greece to the Chinese and Malay pirates of the 1870s. Jan Rogozinski unravels the pirate cliche to present the often more fascinating (and human) reality, forever altering our view of them as drunken cutthroats or Errol Flynn-style heroes. Beyond its immense value as a unique and hugely entertaining resource, Pirates! explores the rich mythology that has developed since their demise and examines their image as pop culture icons. From pirate slang to fictionalized buccaneering to listings of the richest booty ever captured, Pirates! is an authoritative and invaluable reference work for students, researchers, and non-specialist general readers alike!

Women Pirates : And the Politics of the Jolly Roger by Ulrike Klausmann, et al

There have always been women among pirates and sea robbers. Metaphors of mysterious and destructive femininity may have perennially been assigned to the sea and its dangers, but the real women who sailed on ships steered them, sank with them, commanded them, even commandeered them have been ignored by a history written by and for patriarchal men. Ample evidence of women pirates and even feminine piracy nonetheless abounds: beginning with ancient legends of Amazon sailors in several cultural traditions, and continuing uninterrupted through a wealth of confirmed historical figures, down to the present. Women Pirates and the Politics of the Jolly Roger is an account of piracy through three millennia, in histories of women and men sailing on four seas: the Chinese Straits, the Mediterranean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean.

Under the Black Flag : The Romance and the Reality of Life Among the Pirates

Though literature, films, and folklore have romanticized pirates as gallant seaman who hunted for treasure in exotic locales, David Cordingly, a former curator at the National Maritime Museum in England, reveals the facts behind the legends of such outlaws as Captain Kidd, Blackbeard, and Calico Jack. Even stories about buried treasure are fictitious, he says, yet still the myth remains. Though pirate captains were often sadistic villains and crews endured barbarous tortures, were constantly threatened with the possibility of death by hanging, drowning in a storm, or surviving a shipwreck on a hostile coast, pirates are still idealized. Cordingly examines why the myth of the romance of piratehood endures and why so few lived out their days in luxury on the riches they had plundered. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Women Pirates : Eight Stories of Adventure -- Myra Weatherly; Hardcover

These tales of women pirates show that the ``gentle sex'' could be dastardly, too. In a somewhat dry tone, Weatherly recounts what's known about these feminine scourges of the sea, most of whom dressed as men to carry out their dirty deeds. Included are Alfhild, the fierce Viking warrior, who plundered the Danish coast, and Grace O'Malley, a pirate who met and was pardoned by Queen Elizabeth I. Mary Read and Anne Bonny


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