Real Estate Investing

Buy It, Fix It, Sell It : Profit!

Buy It, Fix It, Sell It: PROFIT!" offers readers with little or no background in real estate an in-depth guide to developing a high-profit, low-overhead, home-based home rehabilitation business, either on a part-time of full-time basis. Anyone interested in starting his or her own business, and especially people already active in some other part of the real estate industry, will find this guide to be indispensable Pub: 11/97.

Building Wealth: From Rags to Riches With Real Estate

Russ Whitney was a twenty-year-old high school dropout working in a slaughterhouse for five dollars an hour when he set out to become a millionaire. Armed primarily with guts and determination, he became one of America's youngest self-made millionaires by the age of twenty-seven.

Russ Whitney is living proof that you don't need formal education, capital, or even credit to get rich. But what you do need is a plan:

The 16% Solution : How to Get High Interest Rates in a Low Interest World With Tax Lien Certificates

A comprehensive guide to personal finance and investment explains how to achieve the maximum financial yield in a time of low interest rates and a weak stock market, discussing such options as tax lien certificates and their benefits. 50,000 first printing.

Fast Cash With Quick-Turn Real Estate : How Anyone Can Quickly Turn Single Family Houses into Cash

After buying and selling hundreds of houses over an 18 year period I've created a system that didn't exist when I started. I've tried to spell out the most important things a budding real estate entrepreneur needs to get jump started while blending them with true case studies of students and my own experience. This is the real deal. Nothing in this book is hypothetical. It was meant to teach real world techniques. Is it everything you'll ever need to know about real estate? No! But its certainly the best book on the planet to get you started. I wish I'd had it when I started. Enjoy!

Nothing Down for the '90s : How to Buy Real Estate With Little or No Money Down

Written in simple, easy-to-understand language, Nothing Down for the 90's helps you locate the best buys, negociate, deal with real estate agents and manage properties. It helps you solve your immediate cash-flow problems and build equity for the future. Best of all, it shows you how to seize an opportunity with as little of your own money as possible-even with no money down.

Home Buying for Dummies (For Dummies)

Home Buying for Dummies is an excellent guide to perhaps the biggest investment most of us will ever make. Eric Tyson and Ray Brown help you to determine whether or not buying a home is really for you; how much money you need for taxes, closing costs, and insurance; how to select the best mortgage; and how to negotiate the best price and terms. The book also includes a helpful list of things to do after you buy. This is a good reference for any home buyer and could potentially save you thousands of dollars.

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