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cover 100 Questions Every Working American Must Ask;

Media personality and financial adviser Carolann Brown details for working Americans, and those about to enter the workforce, the 100 crucial questions they must ask themselves to protect their paycheck, career, and future. Written in a user-friendly format, the book covers job security, benefits, salaries, retirement plans, and other career topics. The book is every employee's answer to getting the most from every paycheck.

401(K) Today : Designing, Maintaining, & Maximizing Your Company's Plan

The increase in the number of employees participating in 401(k) plans has been extraordinary and continues to grow. But 401(k) plans are not simple, and too often many companies' plans fall short of expectations. In 401(k) Today, expert Stephen Butler provides a practical, readable guide to the major decisions that are part of designing, implementing, and getting the most out of a 401(k)plan. Butler demystifies the often confusing process of operating a successful 401(k) and shows how a good plan can help businesses attact and retain good employees

retireThe Financially Independent Woman : A Step-By-Step Guide to Successful Investing ('a Birch Lane Press Book) ~

A comprehensive and practical guide to personal finance for women who want to manage their own assets presents real-life anecdotes and practical advice to create a user-friendly economic strategy for women of all ages and income levels

From Work to Retirement

This book deals with the stages of passage from career to retirement. It details four phases: acknowledgement, acceptance, disengagement, and redefinition. The negative emotions of grief, rejection, fear, anger, and guilt that can be stirred up during the acknowledgement phase are described.

Following a brief discussion of the role of work in one's life, and the need to understand the realities of retirement, the book deals with actual leave-taking from work and progresses to issues surrounding

It's Never Too Late to Get Rich : The Secrets of Building a Nest Egg at Any Age

Jorgensen lays out specific plans for starting a nest egg at any age, and offers on-target tips to help readers find the best mutual funds, avoid debt forever, save on taxes, and more. His commonsense approach, devoid of deceptive get-rich-quick schemes, will be welcomed by readers everywhere.

Your Next Fifty Years : A Completely New Way to Look at How, When, and If You Should Retire

Baby Boomers who anticipate the day they'll bid adieu to the traditional working world will appreciate Your Next Fifty Years: A Completely New Way to Look at How, When, and If You Should Retire. Ginita Wall and Victoria Collins draw upon their training in financial planning and psychology to create a blueprint for "retirement" as it is likely to emerge in coming decades, examining preparation, alternatives, special circumstances, and the unique issues faced by women.

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