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Sea Narratives 

Fatal Storm : The Inside Story of the Tragic Sydney-Hobart Race Godforsaken Sea : Racing the World's Most Dangerous Waters ~ Derek Lundy fastnet Cold Oceans : Adventures in Kayak, Rowboat, and Dogsled Encounters of a Wayward Sailor
Two on a Big Ocean : The Story of the First Circumnavigation of the Pacific Basin in a Small Sailing Ship cover The Perfect Storm : A True Story of Men Against the Sea

North to the Night : A Year in the Arctic Ice North to the Night : A Year in the Arctic Ice

A long-time adventure sailor, Simon is a veteran of expeditions in the Southern Hemisphere, including treks into Borneo. But it was the romance of the Arctic that called him for what was to be his and his wife Diana's last major exploration. It took them nearly two years to prepare, including finding the 36-foot steel boat that was to be their home and anchoring for a winter in Maine to practice cold-weather survival.

Sailing Alone Around the World

Written before the turn of the century, SAILING ALONE AROUND THE WORLD is a classic tale of the sea. Slocum was 51 when he circled the globe in a 36-foot craft of his own construction. This book is a "must" for those who have never read it, also for armchair sailors who navigated its pages long ago and now wish to relive the story in its recorded form. Guaranteed to interest any young person in those twin delights, the sea and good literature.

      Promise: Around the World on a Catamaran Sailing Promise: Around the World on a Catamaran

Will You Marry Me... And Sail Around the World? Alayne Main was 28 years old with an exciting medical career and minimal sailing experience, but she lived up to her sailing promise. She and her husband quit their jobs, bought a 33-foot catamaran and blithely sailed away! The challenges were immense - storms at sea, a collision with a whale and the threat of pirates
cover Rough Water : Stories of Survival from the Sea 
In this unique anthology, Clint Willis gives readers some of the best sea stories of all time. Included are excerpts from R. H. Dana's classic Two Years Before the Mast, a shipwreck survivor's 74-day ordeal aboard an inflatable life raft; an eyewitness account of the Titanic disaster; a dramatic rescue at sea in a Force-12 storm; a solo circumnavigation of Antarctica, and a one-man cruise through the Roaring Forties. Rough Water delivers page after page of high adventure amid gales, swells, surges, shoals, icebergs, fog banks, sharks, and mutineers.
Maiden Voyage  
Dramatic story of youngest woman sailor to circle the globe
At the age of 18, Tania Aebi's troubled background had left her estranged from her family, with few plans for the future outside of a vague ambition to be a writer. Then, her father offered to give her a sailboat -- if she would agree to leave her friends behind and sail around the world alone. This book tells the story of her 2 1/2 year voyage, a trip as dramatic and touching


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