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		  Schooner : Its Design and Development from 1600 to the Present The Schooner : Its Design and Development from 1600 to the Present - David R. MacGregor; Hardcover

This book is a comprehensive history of the rig's development from its emergence in Holland in the early years of the seventeenth century right up to the present when it is experiencing a renaissance in the world of luxury charter. In this broad-ranging survey the author describes in detail the development of this beautiful rig and gives examples of all these types; in doing so he tells a rich and varied story which delves into every corner of maritime history.

Run to the Lee (Maryland Paperback Bookshelf)
by Kenneth F., Jr. Brooks

This lively and accurate adventure tale provides a fictionalized account of life on the Chesapeake Bay at the turn of the century.


World War II Adventures of Canada's Bluenose

"At a time when shipping in the Atlantic was treacherous because of German submarines, the Bluenose played a key role in the war effort, Higgins notes, by transporting a variety of goods, including dynamite for making airfields in the West Indies, Central and South America. In addition to carrying bombs and fuel for Allied forces the ship supplied food and other essential items to areas that needed them."

American Fishing Schooners
The American Fishing Schooners : 1825-1935

Howard I. Chapelle / Hardcover / Published 1995

Windjammer Watching on the Coast of Maine : A Guide to the Famous Windjammer Fleet and Other Traditional Sailing Vessels
Our Price: $11.95

tells how to identify all the individual vessels and gives histories of all the Maine windjammers, plus the schooner Bowdoin and others that either hail from Maine or regularly sail its waters.

Sail Tall Ships! A Directory of Sail Training and Adventure at Sea
by David V. V. Wood, Jonathan Dickinson (Paperback )
A comprehensive guide to tall ships and sail training vessels operated throughout North America and worldwide. Contains listings for 227 tall ships and sail training vessels, including vessel and program descriptions, photographs, and contact information. Also contains information on shoreside programs, articles describing sail training experiences, and all the information needed to plan the adventure of a lifetime at sea. A must for all tall ship enthusiasts and for anyone seeking to learn at sea, under sail.

Tall Ships : The Fleet for the 21st Century  by Thad Koza. Paperback

Arctic Schooner Bowdoin : A Biography
Midwest Book Review
Author Virginia Thorndike's love of sailing and great boats shines through in her lively portrait of this remarkable vessel. The 74-year-old Bowdoin comes alive through the personal journals, published records, and tales from dozens of people whose lives have been changed by their time spent with the schooner. Thorndike traces the Bowdoin's diverse lives from an exploration vessel and conscript in the Navy during WW II, to a museum exhibit and a classroom for Outward Bound. The biography includes historic, black-and-white photos of the Bowdoin and those who have sailed aboard her on more than 25 Arctic voyages, as well as outstanding color photos by acclaimed photographer Tom Stewart. Today, owned by Maine Maritime Academy.
third sea The Last Voyage : The Story of Schooner Third Sea
Harold Stephens true story brings out the life -long dreams of un-counted wouldbe adventurers from building the " 3rd SEA " to Her tragic death in the Hawaiian Islands . The story has it all , filled with adventure, terror, love, humor, & finally tears . Many a serviceman can relive the excitement & beauty of these So. Pacific islands which only Harold Stephens can describe . I personally, have given at least 9 copies of " The Last Voyage" and have had 100% of the receipents in total awe and 100% " could not put the book down " . A final note . This is an author who lived his dream & is able to share it with the world !!
Reviewer: from Alaska
cover Hen Frigates : Wives of Merchant Captains Under Sail ~

Joan Druett  -Our Price: $17.50 ~ You Save: $7.50 (30%)

Maritime historian Druett offers an intimate glimpse into the unconventional lives of the wives of nineteenth-century sailing captains who chose to accompany their husbands on their arduous and often perilous voyages. Interweaving journal entries and passages of letters penned by the intrepid women who ran households aboard the "hen frigates,"

cover cover
Tall Ships Down : The Last Voyages of the Pamir, Albatross, Marques, Pride of Baltimore, and Maria Asumpta  For all its soul-stirring romance, the tall-ship renaissance has a tragic side, and professional mariner and maritime scholar Dan Parrott explores it in this groundbreaking reconstruction of five controversial sea disasters of the past half century. Working from official documents, survivor and expert interviews, and his own considerable tall-ship experience, Parrott re-creates the losses of five sail-training vessels: the 316-foot Pamir (1957), 117-foot Albatross (1961), 117-foot Marques (1984), 137-foot Pride of Baltimore (1986), and 125-foot Maria Asumpta (1995), which together claimed 112 lives. In Tall Ships Down, he reveals that, contrary to official findings, ignorance of and disregard for age-old practices of seamanship were at least as responsible for the tragedies as "acts of God."  rigger cover
George Washington's Schooners : The First American Navy

From Book News, Inc. , December 1, 1996
Analyzes Washington's naval leadership during the pre-Revolutionary and Revolutionary period, describes the flotilla's eight ships and personnel, and recounts the fledgling navy's successes and failures and the reactions of the Royal Navy and the emerging American nation. For general readers interested in American history and navies. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

Built on Honor, Sailed With Skill : The American Coasting Schooner

The author served as a seaman on the last American commercial sailing ships in the 1930s (coastwise schooners). The book is a collection of magazine articles that describe his adventures, relate the history of those last ships, and explain some of the the technology. It is illustrated by numerous photographs, many taken on shipboard by the author.

The Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor, or a Key to the Leading of Rigging and to Practical Seamanship -

First published in 1806, the Young Sea Officer Sheet Anchor became a standard guide throughout the 19 century in both England and United States. More then 30 years have passed since the most recent republication, and this hard to find volume- first editions command $1200 and up. Is certain to be welcome by anyone with maritime interests. Darcy Lever compiled the text for "a young gentleman whose inclination that time led him to the choice of sea-faring life," and the author latter expanded its contents for the general use of young officers in the Royal Navy and East India Company. Starting with a precise explation of the principle of rigging, the text proceeds to a well defined account of the ship operation through the effect of the wind on it sails. Tacking, use of compass, the art of swinging a ship at single anchor, casting and numerous other aspects of seamanship receive close attention and clear definitions. Detailed drawing accompany the ample directions for splicing ropes, making sails and other practical measures; indeed ever page of this book features clear well drawn illustrations of the procedure under discussion and its execution. Unabridged replication of the second edition published by John Richardson, London 1819 New Introduction. Appendix. A Dictionary of Sea Terms

Copy From Dover Spring Catalog 1998

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