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The Diver's Handbook

Scuba diving is one of the world's fastest growing sports, and as a result there is an ever increasing demand for authoritative, practical information about this challenging activity. The Diver's Handbook meets this need and covers everything from what equipment to buy and which training courses to attend to basic health and safety measures. With comprehensive and up-to-date text, this book is certain to become an invaluable addition to any diver's bookshelf. 300 color photos.

Technical Diving in Depth

A long-awaited and much-needed title has just been released by BPC. "Technical Diving in Depth" by Bruce R. Wienke is the most complete and comprehensive reference work published to date on technical diving.

It contains a mixture of technical topics, with each one self-contained and developed in relationship to diving. The topics span many disciplines and focus on a number of technical arenas.

Topics Include:
Thermodynamics, pressure and density, mechanics, gas kinetics, free and dissolved phase transfer, energy and matter interactions, nucleation and cavitation, bubbles and surfactants, oxygen dose, gas mixtures, buoyancy, gauges and tanks, compressors and regulators, maladies and drugs, statistics, risk and probability, binomial distributions, waves, transport, currents, geology, oceanography, geophysics, solar energy and radiation. References and Appendix are also included.

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