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The Breath of Angels
The Breath Of Angels is an action-packed tale of the sea and a story of love and longing. Even as a teenager, John Beattie felt drawn to the ocean, but it was 25 years befor e his dream of circumnavigating the globe in his 35-foot yacht, Warrior Queen, could beg in to come true. After sailing from Ireland to the Canary Islands, and facing difficulties with weather, crew, and ship, John was forced to abandon his goal of circumnavigation. However, he also decided he was ready to tackle the daunting transatlantic passage alone. Along the way, he discov ered what he had been search for: the rapture of the ocean. His voyage continued along the South American coast and into the depths of the rain forests via uncharted tributaries. The adventure r eached a stirring climax during his return voyage from Venezuela. One day at dawn, hundreds of mil es from land, he spotted a man dying of thirst aboard a drifting open boat, a man given one last slender chance to live. The Breath Of Angels is a riveting, powerful, more-dramatic-than-fiction, tru e biographical story of life and death upon the open sea.Midwest Book Review

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voyager's handbookThe Voyager's Handbook : The Essential Guide to Bluewater Cruising;

More and more people are taking off on their cruising boats for a few months or even a year's trip. After they've tasted the cruising lifestyle, prepared and equipped their boats, and developed some experience, many cruisers begin to dream of voyaging further afield-maybe even attempting a circumnavigation. They want and need specific information on how to prepare themselves and their boats for this vast undertaking. This book should appeal to all those who've been buying World Cruising Routes and the classic Cruising Under Sail. This book updates much of the information found in the latter book.

From the Back Cover
"When other boats scurry back to their berths just ahead of the setting sun you want to keep sailing. You want your tracks to be the only ones on a perfect sand beach of a deserted tropical island. You want to see the green flash, taste coconut milk from the husk, watch the fish dance at dusk, and share a feast with new friends from other cultures. "Perhaps you have cruised for a few months along one of the coasts, for a season in the Caribbean, or for a year in the Atlantic. You probably returned relaxed and contented-full of plans for someday. "This book can help you get there. It is written for coastal and limited offshore cruisers who want to make the transition to long-term voyaging. I have tried to capture everything I wish I had known when we set sail that June day." -from the Prologue by Beth Leonard.

The author, Beth A. Leonard , May 7, 1998
If you've dreamed of offshore voyaging...
When other boats scurry back to to their berths just ahead of the setting sun, you want to keep sailing. You want your tracks to be the only ones on a perfect sand beach of a deserted tropical island. You want to see the green flash, taste coconut milk from the husk, watch the fish dance at dusk, and share a feast with new friends from other cultures. This book can help you get there.

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cover voyager's handbook following seas

coverSea Change : Alone Across the Atlantic in a Wooden Boat

When your marriage fails and life in England gives no solace, the solution, thought Peter Nichols, is to take his beloved boat Toad and sail across the Atlantic to Maine. Nichols, who has spent years sailing small boats but who is far from a wealthy yachtsman, had lovingly restored his 27-foot boat with his former wife. At sea, he reflects upon the busted marriage and upon the odd turns his life has taken. He also engages in some fascinating thoughts detailing the rigors of sailing single-handedly across an ocean. This book is very well written, and as Nichols slowly realizes that Toad has a flaw below the waterline making her less than seaworthy, it turns into a poignant battle for survival on the open ocean.

From Kirkus Reviews , April 1, 1997
A little wooden sailboat, a raft of memories, and the wide blue Atlantic carry sailor Nichols from England to Maine, almost, in this earnest, reflective chronicle. Nichols quits his soured marriage and takes to the sea, there to feel better about himself, to do something well for a change. His self-appointed challenge is a single-handed sail across the North Atlantic in a shallow-draft, motorless, 27-foot sailboat by the name of Toad, a boat in which he and his wife had recently made the trip in the opposite direction. Nichols is a likable soul- -impecunious, living by his wits, a sailor's sailor who navigates by sextant and instinct, adapting to the dictates of sea and sky. Meteorologically, the weather is with him; emotionally, he finds choppy seas: The bust-up of his marriage plagues him, memories insistently emerge--the more so when he discovers his wife's five-volume diary and flips through its pages. The diaries afford Nichols the opportunity to reminisce about his vagabond years with his wife, sailing in the Virgin Islands and in European waters, always on a shoestring, always bickering. While his inner journey is in no way as tedious as it might have been, it is a relief when Nichols snaps into the present and takes a look around. He has a knack for rendering his landfalls--the Scilly Islands and the Azores--in sharp relief, and a way of making his voyage feel like something out of time: Nothing more than wind drives his boat (remember, this is the North Atlantic, where a motor often comes in real handy) and reckoning is an art, not a digital readout. Though Toad springs a major leak and must be abandoned before reaching its destination, one comes away with the feeling that Nichols has indeed acquitted himself well. (Book-of-the-Month Club alternate selection; author tour) -- Copyright ©1997, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

Book Description
Many people go to the sea in boats, but few of them write as movingly about the experience as Peter Nichols does in this enthralling meditation on the wonders of sailing, the mystery of the sea, and the ebbs and flows of love. With only a sextant, his own instincts as a seasoned sailor, and a boat full of memories of his foundering marriage, Nichols sets out alone from England for Maine, where he plans to sell his beloved twenty-seven-foot sailboat, Toad. Combining the adventure of Into Thin Air, the nautical lore of The Perfect Storm, and the spiritual self-discovery of The Snow Leopard, this thrilling adventure is a classic tale of a man struggling to come to terms with his reckless spirit, his highest hopes, and his broken dreams. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

The Hawaiian Voyages of the Ono Jimmy
by Steve Dixon, Penny Blair (Editor)

A thrilling collection of modern Hawaiian sea adventures for the sailor and non-sailor alike. This is an exciting saga of the fear, thrills, romance and adventure of sailing the Hawaiian Islands in a small boat. A delightful and fun read sweetened with delicious bits of local lore and history. The perfect read for ages 10-110 who love the ocean or who have a tropical island fantasy. It is and especially warm and wonderful treat for active sailors and for those too who dream of sailing the Hawaiian Islands. Sixteen true sea adventure stories and 32 wonderful color pictures of beautiful Hawaii.

The War Journal of Major Damon 'Rocky' Gause
The Firsthand Account of One of the Greatest Escapes of World War II. H. Norman Schwarzkopf called it "a truly remarkable account of the guts and patriotism of a genuine World War II hero." Amazon's reader reviews give it an almost unanimous five-star rating. And since this is the story of an incredible ocean adventure as well as a daring WWII escape, we think that the WAR JOURNAL will be of great interest to you and your Web site's visitors. After escaping from the Bataan Death March and the fall of the island of Corregidor in 1942, Rocky Gause sailed away from the Philippines and made it all the way to Australia in an old and rickety 20-foot boat, whose occasionally-working motor was sometimes powered by coconut oil.

Dove;Click on title for order information

In 1965, 16-year-old Robin Lee Graham began a solo around-the-world voyage from San Pedro, California, in his 24-foot sloop, Dove. Five years and 33,000 miles later, he had accomplished what few would dare attempt, returning to port with a wife and daughter and enough extraordinary experiences to fill this bestselling book. 32 pages of photographs.

Sails Full and by; Click on title for order information
Dom Degnon;

Sails Full and By is the light-hearted tale of a seven-year circumnavigation aboard Taku, a 41-foot ketch. Skipper Dom and Celia, a sailing friend who will share most of the trip, are constantly gainingand losing crew: friends, relatives, and hired hands.

cover Encounters of a Wayward Sailor

Click on title for order information

Tristan Jones;


cover One Hand for Yourself One for the Ship : The Essentials of Single Handed SailingClick on title for order information

Tristan Jones; Paperback;

List: $16.50 ~ Our Price: $13.20 ~ You Save: $3.30 (20%)


Harry Pidgeon; Paperback

Around the World Single-Handed : The Cruise of the 'Islander';  Click on title for order information

First hand narrative recounts authors circumnavigation of the globe on 34 foot sailboat he built himself. Tropic islands, natives, storms and many other adventures

cover Bruce Roberts-Goodson

Hardcover, 200 pages

Spray : The Ultimate Cruising Boat Click on title for order information

Book News, Inc., 09/01/95:
Commemorating the centenary of Joshua Slocum's first singlehanded sailing voyage around the world, examines the Spray boat design, as Slocum adapted it and as it has continued to evolve. Examines the boat's design, lines plans and sail plan; gives highlights of Slocum's voyage; and recounts the building, sailing, and cruising experience of the many Spray replicas and copies around the world. Highly illustrated in black and white. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.


by Tania Aebi, Bernadette Brennan
Paperback, 302 pages

Maiden Voyage Click on title for order information

Dramatic story of youngest woman sailor to circle the globe
At the age of 18, Tania Aebi's troubled background had left her estranged from her family, with few plans for the future outside of a vague ambition to be a writer. Then, her father offered to give her a sailboat -- if she would agree to leave her friends behind and sail around the world alone. This book tells the story of her 2 1/2 year voyage, a trip as dramatic and touching

cover The Mooneshine Logs

Midwest Book Review:
The Mooneshine Logs is a wonderfully moving and insightful account covering Francis Stokes' modest beginnings in ocean racing to his later triumphs in his beloved Mooneshine. Stokes tells of his first transatlantic crossing in 1970 when he sailed Crazy Jane from Barnegat Bay, New Jersey, to Plymouth, England. During the ensuing 15 years, Stokes participated as a single-hander in many of the major ocean races of the time

cover Survive the Savage Sea (Sailing Classics) ~

Dougal Robertson / Paperback / Published 1994

Riveting true story of a disaster at sea.
A fascinating account of a family surviving the sinking of their sailboat by killer whales. For 37 days they battled the elements, hunger and thirst before finally being rescued. A great read! Highly recommneded., 06/15/97,

cover Capt. Joshua Slocum : The Life and Voyages of the America's Best Known Sailor; Click on title for order information

by Victor Slocum


Published by Sheridan House

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