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International Marine's Weather Predicting Simplified: How to Read Weather Charts and Satellite Images

Weather Predicting Simplified is the first book that shows the reader, with many sample satellite photos and weather maps, how to predict the weather easily and accurately - without having to wait for hours for NOAA updates.

From the Back Cover
Make your own weather forecasts with confidence! Now, read those Internet satellite images and NOAA weatherfaxes - to see what's heading your way. Comparing simultaneous NOAA weather charts and satellite photos of the same weather events, author and weather expert Michael William Carr shows you how to spot weather systems in the images and accurately predict winds and conditions in your immediate area. "With this book there is no reason for prudent mariners to be surprised by imperfect weather forecasts or local conditions that general forecasts may not cover. Michael Carr, himself a proven mariner, has put together this excellent educational reference for his feloow mariners. I highly encourage you to read this book." - from the foreword by Lee S. Chesneau, Senior Forecaster, Marine Prediction Center, NOAA.

Marine Weather Forecasting

Have you ever listened to a weather forecast stating there may be a slight chance of showers but the rain is coming down so hard you are seriously considering a lifejacket while standing on the dock? During such times, one suggestion to the forecaster runs through everyone's mind: "Look out the window!!" That is certainly one of the most accurate methods to forecast the immediate weather.

Everyone knows the look of the sky when a thunderstorm or squall is moving in, but few know how to determine what is in store more than a few hours ahead.

Frank has taken the mystery out of weather forecasting in his book Marine Weather Forecasting. He explains how to tell more about the weather, for hours and days to come, than any broadcast. But you must know what to look for when you go on deck. The wind, clouds, moon and sun all tell the story and Frank explains how to read these signs.

Anyone can understand Frank's detailed descriptions of forecasting and the illustrations add to the ease

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